External Review of Proposals

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Peer review is the cornerstone of an agency’s selection of meritorious proposals for funding. To enhance the competitiveness of research proposals for funding success, Research Development Services assists Principal Investigators (PIs) in obtaining external reviews of a proposal prior to submission, both through offering an honorarium for the reviewer, and making initial contact with reviewer at the PI request. This early peer review allows the PI to identify potential weaknesses and remedy them prior to federal panel review and agency funding decisions.

The Principal Investigator should be able to furnish the names of up to three potential reviewers to Research Development Services at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the application due date, along with any prior reviews from the funding agency. Reviewers will be contracted to:

  1. Provide a written review of the proposal
  2. Be available for a telephone conversation with the PI to discuss their review within two weeks of receiving the proposal.

PIs should be prepared to undertake extensive revisions which incorporate reviewer’s suggestions and meet Sponsored Project Services and external funding agency deadlines.

This program is available to principal investigators at all career stages. Priority is given to early career investigators who have submitted a well-received pre-proposal and have been invited to submit a full proposal, or PI’s who have been invited to re-submit a proposal which received strong reviews but was not funded.

Please contact Research Development Services (rds@uoregon.edu) for assistance.