Faculty Research Travel Grant Program

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The Faculty Research Travel Grant Program aims to improve the competitiveness of research proposals from UO faculty by facilitating interactions with prospective federal or foundation sponsors.  The program grants travel funds of up to $1,000 for faculty to meet with program managers at federal funding agencies and private foundations.   


This program is available to faculty members at all career stages and from all disciplines.  Priority is given to early career faculty who have are planning application to specific agency programs and who will be accompanied by a mentor from the Office of Research & Innovation, or those who have received prior positive reviews and are in the process of revision and resubmission of a research proposal.


Scope of the Award / Use of Funds:

These awards are to be used to defray the costs of travel to external funding agencies in order to meet with program officers to discuss proposals, agency programs, and upcoming funding opportunities and proposal strategies. 


Requests can support airfare and/or lodging (consistent with university rules). 


If selected and approved by the Vice President for Research & Innovation, the applicant’s department or Center / Institute will be reimbursed for approved costs after travel is completed and receipts are provided.   



Requests for funds to travel to meet with program officers and prospective sponsors can be made at any time.


Faculty and Principal Investigators requesting funding should be prepared to travel at least 3 – 6 months prior to a funding deadline and should secure an appointment with the funding agency prior to making travel arrangements.


Faculty awarded a faculty research travel grant must submit a final report documenting the outcomes of the travel within one month of meeting with the funding agency program manager.  The report must include plans to follow up the meeting, including submission of a proposal to that agency, or a substitute agency, and a brief description of how your project or proposal will respond to information gained in the meeting.  Please submit reports to Research Development Services (rds@uoregon.edu).



Faculty members with the rank of Assistant Professor or above OR non-tenure-track faculty who hold a full time appointment (1.0 FTE) that includes substantial research responsibilities and have been employed by the university for at least 3 years at the time of application are eligible to apply.  Emeritus, courtesy, Visiting and adjunct appointee ranks are ineligible.    


Faculty members may apply for only one Travel Award in a twelve-month period. 



To request funds, please complete the application form and attach a three page proposal which includes the following components:    

  1. An abstract of your proposed research project (1 page).
  2. The name of the agencies and the officers within such agencies with whom you would like to meet, and a synopsis of potential proposal submissions.  You are encouraged to list more than one agency or program officer on the application (1 page).
  3. Biographical sketch in either NIH or NSF format or a 2 page CV.  Include publications, funding history, and submitted and funded awards.
  4. An estimate of your travel expenses.