Limited Submissions

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Noted Limited Submission Opportunity

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announced its call for their Moore Inventor Fellows program. This is a limited submission program--UO may nominate only two faculty to apply for the award. If you are interested in submitting an application to the internal competition, please fill out the Notice of Intent to Submit form by Sept. 30th. The pre-proposal will be due October 14th. Once the internal faculty committee has made its decisions, nominees will have until December 13th to complete their application to the Moore Foundation.

Limited Submissions. What are they?

A number of extramural programs limit the number of applications that the University of Oregon may submit.  Research Development Services facilitates the announcement of these limited submission opportunities and the internal review process to select the most competitive candidates.

The Process

  1. Read the funder's Request for Proposals to determine if the funding opportunity is a good match for your proposed project.
  2. If your project is well suited to the funding opportunity, complete our internal Notice of Intent to Submit (NOS) form by the date listed in Pivot (the standard practice is the UO NOS is due four months before the funder deadline). The NOS intends to reduce faculty burden in instances when we do not anticipate significant internal competition to select a candidate for a limited submission.
  3. If peer review is triggered (more notices are submitted than the funder limit), faculty will be asked to submit a Pre-Proposal Form. The pre-proposal is a brief concept paper about your proposed project.

Review criteria for pre-proposals

  • Strength of PI and investigator team qualifications, including prior grant funding, publication record, and, if applicable, experience leading multi-project or other complex projects
  • Responsiveness to the program solicitation and review criteria
  • Impact and intellectual merit of the proposed project
  • Alignment with OVPRI strategic objectives
  • If resubmission, responsiveness to reviewer comments from prior submission

Frequently Asked Questions

Prominent Limited Submission Opportunities

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a limited submission opportunity not listed in these Pivot curated lists, please contact RDS

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