Research Instrumentation and Equipment Program

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2019 Research Instrumentation & Equipment Program for Research Core Facilities


  • July 25, 2018 — The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation has approved the use of $8,000 from the Research Instrumentation and Equipment Program to cover the unplanned repairs to the AqACS autoclave.


  • April 12, 2018 — Two core facilities have received grants from the Research Instrumentation & Equipment Program. The Greenhouse Facility had its proposal fully funded at $8,000. The Histology and Genetic Modification (HGeM) was funded at $50,000.


  • $20,000 in emergency support for the electrode puller for Aquatic Animal Care Services (AqACS).



The Research Instrumentation & Equipment Program is designed to help Research Core Facilities acquire new and repair, upgrade or replace existing instrumentation critical to UO’s research infrastructure. The Program will enable Research Core Facilities to continue to provide world class service to both internal and external users.


This internal program is distinct from, and complements, the OVPRI’s support of proposals to federal agencies and foundations to acquire major instrumentation. Prospective PIs are encouraged to request matching funds when needed for those proposals.  This program recognizes that some instrumentation is not appropriate for external funding programs despite a strong need from the research community. Further, repairing, upgrading or replacing high use instrumentation can be difficult or impossible via external funding mechanisms even though the equipment is essential to ongoing research at the University.


Scope of the Award/Use of Funds:

The OVPRI will provide up to $250,000 in Fiscal Year 2019 for this internal award program and emergency fund requests.  Before making a funding request, the Director should discuss the proposal with an AVPRI or the VPRI.  Given the limited availability of resources to meet instrumentation needs, the OVPRI will prioritize awards to Research Core Facilities based, in part, on the funding previously received through this program. 


Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of: 1) likely impact on research productivity; 2) breadth of use across multiple research groups; 3) likely impact on UO researchers’ ability to successfully compete for external funds; and 4) the lack of availability of other public or private foundation funding opportunities.



Emergency funds can be requested at any time by contacting Research Development Services.  For non-emergency requests, the OVPRI will issue an annual call for proposals each fall, so Research Core Facilities will know the outcomes of these requests prior to finalizing their budgets for the coming fiscal year.


Awards will be announced publicly every year during the Winter quarter. The purpose and amount of each award will be posted on the OVPRI website in March.  


Funds granted through this competitive program should be spent within one year of the award. 



These grants can only be used to support instrumentation housed in our Research Core Facilities. The director or manager of a research core facility will be the applicant and requests must be approved by the facility’s Faculty Advisory Committee Chair.  Individual faculty members wishing to purchase particular pieces of instrumentation should reach out to the facility director/manager and engage with the facility’s Faculty Advisory Committee to develop a proposal that fits within the focus and business model of that facility.



To request funds, please complete the application form by Monday, January 21, 2019 at 5pm. 


All requests should address the following key points for the requested equipment. 

  1. Brief statement identifying the piece of instrumentation and its function.
  2. Type of research that will be enabled: What are the capabilities of the requested equipment and how broadly beneficial is it to the UO research community?  When requesting funds to replace or upgrade existing instrumentation, please provide a list of active awards for projects that rely on the requested equipment.
  3. Current availability: Does similar equipment already exist on the UO campus? If so, why is existing instrumentation unable to meet current needs? 
  4. Current and projected user base: How widely used and/or how many labs anticipate a need for the requested instrumentation?
  5. Plans for cost sharing (from Departmental, Institute, Core Facility, external partners, for example), if applicable.
  6. Suitability for external funding opportunities: Why are internal funds needed? What makes the requested instrumentation a poor fit for external programs such as the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program or the NIH Shared Instrumentation Program?
  7. Technical specifications, equipment costs and business plan to manage the instrumentation within the core facility.

The VPRI will convene a recommendation committee of core directors who have not submitted a REIP request for the current review cycle.  



Research Development Services will contact awardees 12 months after award receipt.  If projects have unspent funds after the 1-year project period, the OVPRI will request a progress report.