Faculty Research Awards Recipients

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2017 Faculty Research Awards 

Bengtson, Carla, Associate Professor, Department of Art, “Mutuum(s)”


Budd, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology & Human Services, “New Moves for Inactive Girls in Lane County”


Chavez, Christopher, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Communication, “Branding the revolution:  Havana Club, Cuban authenticity and public diplomacy”


Chronister, Krista, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology & Human Services, “ACCESS in prisons:  Vocational preparation for female offenders”


Cycyk, Lauren Marie, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, “Perspectives of Hispanic Caregivers on Early Language Intervention Strategies”


Escallón, Maria Fernanda, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, “Excluded:  Cultural Heritage, Afro-Descendants, and the Politics of Diversity in Colombia and Brazil”


Fonstad, Mark, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, “An Entire River Test of Next-Generation “Riverscape” Mapping Methods”


HoSang, Daniel, Associate Professor, Departments of Ethnic Studies & Political Science, “Social Inequality and Anti-Statism in the Rural West”


Kelly, Nichole, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology & Human Services, “Investigation of the Efficacy of an Acute Physical Exercise Intervention to Improve Energy Intake among School-Age Children in Rural Communities”


Moore, Fabienne, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages, “Gustave Doré’s “Histoire de la Sainte Russie” (1854):  The Invention of Graphic Rhetoric or the Artist At War”


Morar, Nicolae, Assistant Professor, Departments of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, “A Critical Edition of Gilles Deleuze’s Seminar on Michel Foucault”


Nobile, Drew, Assistant Professor, School of Music & Dance, “Form as Harmony in Classic Rock Music”


Russel, Kory, Assistant Professor, Departments of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies, “A Comparison of Methane Emissions from Sanitation Services in Dense Urban Slums”


Seaman, Kristen, Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art & Architecture, “Social Identifies in the Library of Pantainos Sculptural Workshop in the Athenian Agora”


Shanley, Lina, Research Associate, Center on Teaching and Learning, “Making Middle School Mathematicians:  Measuring, Monitoring, and Intervening to Improve Math Self-Concept”


Su, Xiaobo, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, “In the Shadow of the Cold War:  Illicit Drugs and the Entanglement of US, China, and Myanmar since 1949”


Tice, James, Professor, Department of Architecture, “The Micro-Urbanism of Rome:  The Architecture of the In-between”


Vacchi, Steve, Professor, School of Music & Dance, “First Complete Recording:  Alec Wilder’ Octets for Winds and Rhythm Section”


Wacks, David, Professor, Department of Romance Languages, “Spanish Crusader Fiction”


Walker, Peter, Professor, Department of Geography, “Sagebrush Collaboration:  How Harney County, Oregon, Chose Cooperation Over Conflict”

2016 Faculty Research Awards

Jennifer Ablow, Associate Professor, Psychology, “MP3:  Mindful, Perceptive, Present Parenting Skills for New Mothers at Risk for Parenting Problems.”


Kyuho Ahn and Linda Zimmer, Associate Professors, Architecture, “Post-Occupance Evolution of the Ed Roberts Campus:  Universal Design and Aspects Based on User Profiles.”

Nicholas Allen, Professor, Psychology, “Immune functioning and depressive symptoms in adolescents:  the effects of parenting.”

Erin Beck, Assistant Professor, Political Science, “City of Lights:  Building on New Trends in International Development.” 

Lara Bovilsky, Associate Professor, English, “Almost Human:  The Bounds of Personhood in Early Modern England.” 

Nicole Dahmen, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, “The visual presentation of candidates in the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Jon M. Erlandson, Professor, Anthropology, “Documenting an Ancient Anthropogenic Landscape on California’s Santa Cruz Island.” 

Elizabeth (Beth) Esponnette, Assistant Professor, Product Design, “Chemical (Reactive) 3D Printing:  A New Method for Manufacturing Silicone and Rubber.” 

Alisa Freedman, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, “The Forgotten Story of Japanese Women Who Studied in the United States, 1949-1966.”

Stephen Frost, Associate Professor, Anthropology, “Analysis of oldest, most complete skeleton of Theropithecus oswaldi.” 

Jill Ann Harrison, Assistant Professor, Sociology, “Work, Culture and Risk:  The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Louisiana Shrimp Fishers.” 

Derrick Hindery, Associate Professor, International Studies, “Impacts of Natural Gas Pipelines on Bolivia’s Chiquitano Forest, Pantanal Wetlands, Chaco Forest and Indigenous Peoples Under Market-Oriented Development versus State-led Economic Development.” 

Tom Lininger, Professor, Law, “Professional Codes and Ethical Duties to Protect the Environment.” 

Michelle McKinley, Associate Professor, School of Law, “Bound Biographies; Reconstructing the Lives of African-Descent Peoples in the Early Modern Atlantic.” 

Daniel Rosenberg, Professor, Clark Honors College, “Time Online.” 

Aparna Sundar, Assistant Professor, Marketing, “How Positioning Can Bias the Health-halo.” 

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, Professor, Linguistics, “Russian provincial and military police files on the forced resettlement of Russian citizens of German Background in Russian Poland during World War One.” 

Merle H. Weiner, Professor, Law, “A Comparative Law Analysis of the Parent-Partner Status.”

Julie Weise, Assistant Professor, History, “Citizenship Displaced:  Migrant Political Cultures in the Era of State Control.” 

Lisa Wolverton, Professor, History, “Plunder, Money, and the Czech Economy in the Aftermath of the German Civil War (1073-1126CE).”

2015 Faculty Research Awards

Nathanael Andrade, Assistant Professor, History, “From the Roman Mediterranean to India: the Early Movement of Christianity through the Afro-Eurasian World System”


Kirby Brown, Assistant Professor, English, “Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Early Twentieth Century Cherokee Writing”

Kathie Carpenter, Associate Professor, International Studies, “Assessing the English Proficiency of Children in Cambodian Orphanages”

Li-Shan Chou, Professor, Human Physiology, “Quantifying Cognitive, Neurological, and Movement Disorders in Veterans with Chronic mTBI”

Mark Eischeid, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture, “Sublime Landscapes: Modernist American Landscape Architecture and the Artificial Infinite”

Sangita Gopal, Associate Professor, English, “Between State and Capital: Women Make Movies”

Gina Herrmann, Associate Professor, Romance Languages, “Spain and the Holocaust”

Maile Hutterer, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture, “Structural Exhibitionism as Social Process: Flying Buttress Design and the Architectural Landscape”

Colin Ives, Associate Professor, Art, “The Sinuous Index”

Santiago Jaramillo, Assistant Professor, Biology, “Automated Alignment of Mouse Brain Slices to Brain Atlases”

Ronald Mitchell, Professor, Political Science, “Improving our Understanding of the Effects of Environmental Treaties with New Theory and New Data”

Jenifer Presto, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, “Flowers among the Ruins: Southern Italy and the Russian Modernist Imagination”

Philip Scher, Professor, Anthropology, “An Economy of Souls: The Politics of Heritage in a Neoliberal World”

Stephen Shoemaker, Professor, Religious Studies, “The Apocalypse of Empire: Imperial Eschatology in Late Antiquity and Early Islam”

Jolinda Smith, Senior Research Associate, Lewis Center for Neuroimaging, “In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Low Level Brain Metabolites”

David Sutherland, Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences, “Chasing Icebergs: Developing Capability to Use Icebergs as Natural Ocean Drifters”

Roxi Thoren, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture, “Out of the Woods: Trees, Forestry, and Landscape Architecture”

Arafaat Valiani, Associate Professor, History, “Architectures of Consumption: Commerce and Urban Planning in Postcolonial Western India”

David Vazquez, Associate Professor, English, “Latina/o Literature and the Cross-Currents of U.S. Environmentalism”

Frances White, Professor, Anthropology, “The Evolution of the Peaceful Bonobo: Seed Funding for NSF Proposal”

2014 Faculty Research Awards

Mark Alfano, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, “Nietzsche’s Socio-Moral Psychology”

Melissa Michaud Baese-Berk, Assistant Professor, Linguistics, “Indexing Linguistic Expectation through Speech Rate”

Aletta Biersack, Professor, Anthropology, “Mining Among Ipili Speakers:  An Ethnography of Global Connection”

Scott Bridgham, Professor, Biology & Environmental Studies, “Controls over methane cycling in tropical wetlands”

Stephanie Clark, Assistant Professor, English, “Prayer and the Gift:  Theories of Prayer in Anglo Saxon England”

Philip Fisher, Professor, Psychology, “Demonstration of Feasibility of Resting State Functional Connectivity MRI Study of Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure”

Jennifer Freyd, Professor, Psychology, “Institutional Betrayal”

Bryna Goodman, Professor, History, “Economics and the New Chinese Republic:  Sovereignty, Capitalism, and Freedom in the Shanghai Bubble of 1921-22”

Evlyn Gould, Professor, Romance Languages, “Salons and Cénacles in Fin de Siècle Paris:  the Unsung Influence of Catulle Mendès”

Sara Hodges, Professor, Psychology, “Women’s Perceptions of Feedback in STEM”

Dong Hoon Kim, Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, “Between Self-Reliance and Globalism:  Commercial Filmmaking in North Korea”

Loren Kajikawa, Assistant Professor, Music, “Before Rap:  DJs, MCs, and Pre-1979 Hip-Hop Performances”

Toby Koenigsberg, Associate Professor, Music, “Transforming Piano Instruction:  Incorporating Jazz Improvisation into the Curricula”

Rebecca Lewis, Assistant Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management, “Integrating Climate, Transportation and Land Use Planning in Oregon”

Andrew Lovering, Associate Professor, Human Physiology, “Effect of hypobaria on exercise and hypoxemia-induced Intrapulmonary shunt”

Christopher Michlig, Assistant Professor, Art, “Broken Type:  Intergeneration Sustainability and Letterpress Printing”

Nicole Ngo, Assistant Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management, “The global health impacts of intercontinental air pollution”

Carol Silverman, Professor, Anthropology, “Global Gypsy:  Balkan Romani World Music”

Scott Stewart, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Molecular Biology, “New Technology to Control Gene Expression in Zebrafish”

Kelly Sutherland, Assistant Professor, Biology & Clark Honors College, “Distribution and predation potential of jellyfish at biological hotspots off the Oregon coast”

Elizabeth Tippett, Assistant Professor, Law, “The Effect of Attorney Advertising on Medical Decisions”

2013 Faculty Research Awards

William Ayres, professor, anthropology, “Statuary and Archaeology on Easter Island (Rapa Nui), East Polynesia”
Martha Bayless, associate professor, English “Building a New Model of Oral-Cultural Systems”
James Crosswhite, associate professor, English, “Rhetorical Capabilities”
Andre Djiffack, associate professor, romance languages, “Mongo Beti and his Critics”
Melissa Donovick, assistant professor, counseling psychology, “Culturally Based Parenting Among Heterogeneous Latino families: Feasibility of Prevention Science for Latinos”
Hans C. Dreyer, assistant professor, human physiology, “Substrate and Metabolite Changes in Muscle During and after Tourniquet Use: Piloting a Novel Pre-conditioning Double Therapy”
Pedro Garcia-Caro, assistant professor, romance languages, “Drama at the Rim of Empire: the First Spanish Play Performed in California (1789)”
James Harper, associate professor, history of art & architecture, “The Barberini Tapestries: Woven Monuments of the Roman Baroque”
Kaori Idemaru, assistant professor, East Asian languages and literatures, “Online Tuning of Speech Categories in Auditory Perception”
Lamia Karim, associate professor, anthropology, “Feminism Untangled: Democracy, Religion and Legal Reform in Bangladesh”
Tyler Kendall, assistant professor, linguistics, “Dialect Diversity in Oregon”
Atika Khurana, assistant professor, counseling psychology and human services, “Promoting Adolescent Self-regulation: Using Brain Imaging to Evaluate Effectiveness of Individual and Family-based Interventions”
Deanna Linville, associate professor, couples and family therapy, “Dissemination of the "Body Project" in Primary Care”
Kate Mondloch, associate professor, art history, “Aural Sensation: Jane Cardiff’s “audio Walks”
Kari Marie Norgaard, associate professor, sociology, “Salmon Feeds Our People Book Project”
Raghuveer Parthasarathy, associate professor, physics, “Gut Fluid Dynamics”
Roxann Prazniak, associate professor, Clark Honors College, “Artistic Exchange/Mongol Empire”
Gerald Lee Rosiek, associate professor, education studies, “Why are they doing this to us? An Ethnographic Study of Racial Re-segregation in a Public School District”
Deni Ruggeri, assistant professor, landscape architecture, “From Transit Stop to Urbanity Node. A Study of Perceived Livability, Access, Safety, and Socialization at the Transit Stop”
Courtney Thorsson, assistant professor, English, “Revolutionary Recipes: Foodways and African American Literature”
Nelson Ting, assistant professor, anthropology, “Enabling Population Genomics Across a Primate Community”
Marsha Weisiger, associate professor, history, “Wild Rivers”

2012 Faculty Research Awards

James Tice, Architecture
Andrew Karduna, Human Physiology
Colleen Chrisinger, Planning, Public Policy and Management
James Schombert, Physics
Larry Sugiyama, Anthropology
Yvonne Braun, Women and Gender Studies
Lori Hager, Arts and Administration
Eileen Otis, Sociology
Robert Melnick, Landscape Architecture
Xiaobo Sugiyama, Geography
Michael Dreiling, Sociology
Alexandre Dossin, Music
Brian Klopotek, Ethnic Studies
Alison Snyder, Architecture
Erik Ocean Howell, Clark Honors College
Eric Pederson, Linguistics
Daniel Wojcik, English and Folklore Studies
Esther Hagenlocher, Architecture
Daisuke Miyao, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Molly Barth, Music

2011 Faculty Research Awards

Allison Carruth, English
Deborah Green, Religious Studies
Robert Haskett, History
Ellen Herman, History
Derrick Hindery, International Studies and Geography
Jocelyn Hollander, Sociology
Nicholas Isherwood, Music
Cecilia Kirk, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Michelle McKinley, Law
Brian McWhorter, Music and Dance
Jeffrey Measelle, Psychology
Madonna Moss, Anthropology
N. Christopher Phillips, Mathematics
Elizabeth Reis, Women's and Gender Studies
Ellen Scott, Sociology
Stephen Shoemaker, Religious Studies
Caleb Southworth, Sociology
Lynn Stephen, Anthropology
Frances White, Anthropology
Yizhao Yang, Planning, Public Policy and Management

2010 Faculty Research Awards

Michael Aguilera, Sociology
Barbara Altmann, Romance Languages
Paul Dassonville, Psychology
Scott DeLancey, Linguistics
Dianne Dugaw, English/Folklore
Lisa Gillman, English/Folklore
Alison Groppe, East Asian Languages and Literature
John Halliwill, Human Physiology
Julie Hessler, History
GyoungAh Lee, Anthropology
Glenn May, History
Sarah McClure, Anthropology
Erin Moore, Architecture
Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages and Literatures
Ben Saunders, English
George Sheridan, History
Cynthia Tolentino, English
Cynthia Vakareliyska, Linguistics
Anne van den Nouweland, Economics
David Wacks, Romance Languages

2009 Faculty Research Awards

Deborah Baumgold, Political Science
Val Burris, Sociology
James Elliott, Sociology
Ihab Elzeyadi, Architecture
Stephen Frost, Anthropology
James Harper, Art History
Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages
Garrett Hongo, Creative Writing
Kaori Idemaru, East Asian Languages and Literatures
David Levin, Mathematics
Susanna Lim, Clark Honors College
Andrew Marcus, Chemistry
Ian McNeely, History
Stephen Rodgers, Music
Daniel Rosenberg, Clark Honors College
Idit Shner, Music
Carol Silverman, Anthropology
Roxi Thoren, Landscape Architecture
Marc Vanscheeuwijck, School of Music and Dance
Peter Walker, Geography

2008 Faculty Research Awards

Monique Balbuena, Clark Honors College
Krista Chronister, Counseling Psychology and Human Services
Erin Cline, Philosophy/Religious Studies (joint appointment)
James Crosswhite, English
Patricia Dewey, Arts and Administration Program
Andre Djiffack, Romance Languages
Esther Hagenlocher, Architechture
Qusheng Jin, Geological Sciences
Andrew Lovering, Human Physiology
David Luebke, History
Randall McGowen, History
Ronald Mitchell, Political Science
Daisuke Miyao, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Kate Mondloch, Art History
Kevin Nute, Architecture
Helen Southworth, Clark Honors College
John Toner, Physics
Lydia Van Dreel, School of Music and Dance
Frances White, Anthropology
Daniel Wojcik, English / Folklore Studies

2007 Faculty Research Awards

Neil Bania, PPPM
Yvonne Braun, Sociology
Lisa Freinkel, English
Sangita Gopal, English
Lori Hager, Arts and Administration
Deborah Hurtt, Art History
Douglas Kennett, Anthropology
Nico Larco, Architecture
John Lukacs, Anthropology
Geraldine Moreno, Anthropology
Jeffrey Ostler, History
Barbara Pickett, Art
Philip Scher, Anthropology
Andrew Schulz, Art History
Ellen Scott, Sociology
Margaret Sereno, Psychology
Lawrence Sugiyama, Anthropology
Yugen Wang, East Asian Languages and Literature
Carl Woideck, Music and Dance
Lisa Wolverton, History

2006 Faculty Research Awards

Michael Aronson, English
Aletta Biersack, Anthropology
Phebe Lowell Bowditch, Classics
Maram Epstein, East Asian Languages and Lit
Michael Grose, School of Music
Susan Hardwick, Geography
Jocelyn Hollander, Sociology
Jeffrey M. Hurwit, Art History
Dean Kramer, School of Music
Gregory D. Landweber, Mathematics
Kathryn Lynch, Environmental Studies
Benedict McWhirter, Couseling Psych and Human Svcs
Dorothee Ostmeier, Germanic Languages and Lit
Ellen Rees, Germanic Languages and Lit
Stephen J. Shoemaker, Religious Studies
Marian Smith, School of Music
Caleb Southworth, Sociology
Lynn Stephen, Anthropology
Ted Toadvine, Environmental Studies & Phil.
Cynthia Vakareliyska, Linguistics

2005 Faculty Research Awards

Suzanne Clark, English
Christopher Ellis, Economics
David Frank, Clark Honors College
Stephen Frost, Anthropology
Nathalie Hester, Romance Languages
Lamia Karim, Anthropology
Tobias Koenigsberg, Music
Steve Larson, Music
Kathryn Lucktenberg, Music
Richard Margerum, AAA PPPM
Ian McNeely, History
Sandra Morgen, Anthropology
Jennifer Presto, Comparative Literature
Elizabeth Reis, Women's Studies
Gregory John Retallack, Geological Sciences
Ben Saunders, English
Carol Silverman, Anthropology
Analisa Taylor, Romance Languages
David Wacks, Romance Languages
Richard York, Sociology

2004 Faculty Research Awards

Carlos Aguirre, History
Martha Bayless, English
Louise Bishop, Clark Honors College
Val Burris, Sociology
Shaul Cohen, Geography
Paul Dassonville, Psychology
Howard Davis, AAA Architecture
Bryna Goodman, History
Tetso Harada, East Asian Lang. & Lit.
Ellen Herman, History
Garrett Hongo, Creative Writing
Renee Irvin, AAA PPPM
Walter Kennedy, Music
Lori Kruckenberg, Music
Justin Novak, AAA Art
Doris Payne, Linguistics
Paula Rodgers, East Asian Lang. & Lit.
Robert Tsai, Law
Peter Walker, Geography
Daniel Wojcik, English

2003 Faculty Research Awards

Jennifer Ablow, Psychology
Barbara Altmann, Romance Languages
Laura Fair, History
Evlyn Gould, Romance Languages
Elke Heckner, Germanic Languages & Lit
Kenneth Helphand, AAA Landscape
Julie Hessler, History
Shari Huhndorf, English
Robert Kyr, Music
John Lukacs, Anthropology
Glenn May, History
Jeffrey Measelle, Psychology
Fabienne Moore, Romance Languages
Barbara Pickett, AAA Art
Melissa Redford, Linguistics
William Rossi, English
Sherwin Simmons, AAA Art History
Martin Summers, History
Steve Vacchi, Music
Patricia White, Psychology

2002 Faculty Research Awards

Dare Baldwin, Psychology
Mary Beecher, Architecture
Aileen Buckley, Geography
LiShan Chou, EMS
Andre Djiffack, Romance Languages
Ihab Elzeyadi, Architecture
Maram Epstein, East Asian Lang. & Lit.
Lynn Fujiwara, Women's Studies
J. Harper, Architecture
Douglas Kennett, Anthropology
Kenneth Liberman, Sociology
Jeffrey Mason, Theatre Arts
Karen McPherson, Romance Languages
Ronald Mitchell, Political Science
Louis Moses, Psychology
Lise Nelson, Geography
Regina Psaki, Romance Languages
Judith Raiskin, Women's Studies
Daniel Rosenberg, Clark Honors College
Stephen Shoemaker, Religious Studies